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Radio Free Asia: Calls Grow for Migrant Rights

Buoyed by a wave of new orders, Chinese companies are scrambling to recruit manual laborers, as pressure mounts on the country's lawmakers to boost the rights of China's millions of migrant workers.
05 March 2010

SCMP: Tables turn for migrant workers

In the old days Guangdong migrant workers like Liu Xiaorong would have been treated as factory fodder, given the bare minimum in wages and easily replaced if they complained. The tables have turned with an acute labour shortage in the so-called "factory of the world" meaning workers like Liu now call the shots. Even the lure of three times the normal pay and perks such as air conditioning, basketball courts and television is not enough to get workers to sign up.
08 March 2010

A discussion about Apple's Supplier Report, CSR, and the "labour famine"

In this episode, William Nee and Geoff Crothall discuss the controversy surrounding Apple's report on its suppliers and other issues related to corporate and social responsibility.  Also, Geoff talks about his recent trip to Guangdong to assess China's so-called "labour famine".  We also mention a joint op-ed by 13 mainland newspapers to reform the hukou system.
08 March 2010

Beijing education officials fail to honour pledge to help migrant children

Well into the second week of the spring semester, hundreds of migrant children in Beijing’s Chaoyang district still have no school to go to. This despite a pledge made last week by the Chaoyang education committee that; “no school-age child will be out of school.” It seems all the Chaoyang government has done to honour its promise so far is to put up a notice listing the township offices where parents who had yet to find a school for their children could register. However, when questioned by the media, neither parents nor the township offices concerned were even aware of this notice.
08 March 2010

AFP: China's exporters fret over labour shortage

Huada Electrical Appliances has piles of orders from abroad -- a welcome sign that China's exports are bouncing back after the global economic crisis. But the television and computer components company has just one-fifth of the 300 people it needs to work the assembly line to fill those orders by the end of June. "Our hair is turning grey because of the anxiety," a company executive, who would only give her surname Wu, told AFP, explaining that the firm was recruiting everywhere -- on pavements, near food markets and with job agencies.
10 March 2010

Reuters: South China firms see investment dip, wages rise

Foreign investment in south China is expected to fall 4.9 percent this year, with firms facing the challenge of labour shortages and rising wages, according to a survey by the region's American business chamber.
12 March 2010

China’s labour dispute court cases increase by over ten percent in 2009

China’s Supreme Court announced Thursday that the number of labour disputes handled by the country’s courts increased by a further 10.8 percent last year, after nearly doubling in 2008. In total, there were 317,000 labour dispute cases in 2009, Supreme People’s Court President, Wang Shengjun, stated in his work report to the National People’s Congress, compared with just 126,000 such cases in 2006.
12 March 2010

VOA: Critics Pressure China to Scrap Divisive Household Registration System

Critics are calling on the Chinese government to overhaul the hukou household registration system. They say it deprives millions of rural migrant workers of vital public services in cities, creating what has been described as China's apartheid. There has been much discussion at the National People's Congress this month about changing China's household registration system, called the hukou.
12 March 2010

Flight attendants win one million yuan in compensation after massive pay cut

Twenty-one flight attendants were on 9 March awarded a total of one million yuan in compensation after their monthly pay was slashed from 10,000 yuan to just 800 yuan. A Beijing court found that Xinhua Airlines, a Beijing-based subsidiary of Hainan Airlines, had no legal grounds for cutting the cabin crew’s salaries in September 2008 and ordered it to make up the shortfall in wages
13 March 2010

The Guardian: Millions of Chinese rural migrants denied education for their children

Hu Zhongping dreams that one day his young sons may go to university and escape his life of casual manual labour. The aspiration seems increasingly unrealistic. Right now, he would settle for them going to school. Chinese children are entitled to a state education, but not all of them get one. And the tens of millions born to migrant workers like Hu are among the most vulnerable, owing to a registration system that divides the country's citizens into rural and urban dwellers, and dictates their rights accordingly.
15 March 2010
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