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Time Magazine’s short listing of Han Han as potential “Most Influential Person of the Year” sparks controversy, raises questions

Popular Chinese writer, blogger, and race car driver Han Han has been short listed as one of the possible candidates for the top 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine. Right now there are 200 people on the list, and internet users are free to vote for, “leaders, artists, innovators and icons who you think merit spots on this year's list”.
13 April 2010

Suffocated by the system

Two victims of silicosis, both employed at Lucky Jewellery in Guangdong, tell Han Dongfang how collusion between the factory and local government had stymied their attempts to get the compensation they were legally entitled to.
16 April 2010

Tonghua steel worker sentenced to life imprisonment for death of senior manager

The “chief suspect” in the beating to death last year of Chen Guojun, a senior manager at the Tonghua Iron and Steel Works in Jilin, was on 15 April found guilty intentional wounding (故意伤害罪) and sentenced to life in prison by the Tonghua Municipal Intermediate Court.
21 April 2010

The Hard Road: Seeking justice for victims of pneumoconiosis in China

Pneumoconiosis is the number-one occupational disease in China, accounting for around 90 percent of all cases. More than 10,000 workers are diagnosed with this deadly lung disease every year. Yet only a handful get anything like the compensation they are legally entitled to. Most only receive a small lump sum that can cover medical costs for a few years; many get nothing at all. And countless other victims cannot even get the official diagnosis they need to initiate a compensation claim.
23 April 2010

Sentencing in the Tonghua incident, the coal mine miracle rescue, and Han Han.

In this episode, William Nee and Geoffrey Crothall talk about the sentencing to life in prison for one of the suspects in the Tonghua incident.  We also talk about  the coal mine miracle rescue, and the short listing of Han Han as one of the "most influential people in the worl
23 April 2010

SCMP: Dirty jobs may be death sentence for million workers

It is the number one work-related disease in China, with an estimated more than one million cases. It is contracted by inhaling mineral dust, most common among coal miners and those who work on building sites, sand-blasting, welding and gem and jade processing. It has no cure and in nearly all cases, is fatal.
29 April 2010

Reuters: Few China workers with lung disease get redress-rights group

Over 10,000 workers in China are diagnosed with a deadly lung disease each year from breathing in dust from cutting gemstones and drilling rocks, but only a few manage to get compensation, said a rights organisation.
29 April 2010

Danwei: Migrant worker who was stabbed by thugs while apprehending thief now caught in limbo

Danwei, in a translation from the Shenzhen Evening News, has an amazing story about a migrant worker who’s life has been turned upside-down simply because he’s trying to do the right thing. Danwei writes that, “Li Zhanfeng (李展锋), a security guard,…was hospitalized after being stabbed while trying to stop a robbery. His company had not registered him for work-related injury insurance, so he was treated at the hospital under the name of another employee who did have insurance. He reclaimed his name but now owes more than 30,000 RMB in outstanding medical bills that his former employer refuses to pay.”
29 April 2010

Chinese government highlights occupational disease crisis among migrant workers

Two Chinese government ministries yesterday pledged to improve working conditions for migrant workers and ensure that enterprises that currently refuse to pay compensation to injured workers can no longer evade their legal responsibilities. Ministers confirmed the key finding of CLB’s new research report The Hard Road: Seeking justice for victims of pneumoconiosis in China, published 26 April, that employers routinely refuse to pay compensation and that migrant workers encounter numerous delays and obstacles in their quest for legally mandated compensation.
29 April 2010

A re-cap of CLB's new research report on China's #1 occupational health problem: pneumoconiosis

In this episode, William Nee and Geoffrey Crothall discuss CLB's most recent report: "The Hard Road: Seeking justice for victims of pneumoconiosis in China".
30 April 2010
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